The images here are by me, Patrick Walters, and represents some of what I bear witness to. How some of what we think we witness are merely reflections of history. History that was misunderstood then, and will surely be misunderstood again - look again.

Images, like history, must be examined and re-examined to both fully appreciate them as well as understand their true meaning. So take a moment each day, at what may seem like a less important moment, to RESEE what may have seemed obvious, you just may learn something new.

My Story

My story is not grand or even interesting, especially to me. It exists because of the criticism of others. Others who scolded me for making images of what I see without sharing them. So I offer this site as a viewing point for those critics to RESEE my images and therefore bear witness to the fact that I, and the subjects of my images, exist for me and my enjoyment. If you enjoy them great, tell me, if you don’t, I might suggest you missed the point.


Opposing viewpoints in life is the art of being and makes each unique.